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What is a segmental sprocket with a detachable tooth rim?

Segmental Rim or detachable tooth rim sprockets are designed to eliminate costly downtime during installation and adjustment. They have a removable segmented rim and a solid or split body bolted together. To get more use and wear from this type of sprocket, it can be simply turned upside down. 


The chain is in contact with the opposite side of the tooth. Bodies or entire sprockets may be replaced without removing shaft or bearings, making this type of sprocket very desirable economically because of the savings in labor and shut downtime.

The machine body or the entire sprocket can be replaced without disassembling the shaft or the bearing. As labor and downtime are saved, the sprocket is economically needed. In order to get more wear from this type of sprocket, after extensive use, the rim can simply be partially reversed, so that the chain is in contact with the opposite side of the tooth. The machine body or the entire sprocket can be replaced without disassembling the shaft or bearing. As labor and downtime are saved, this sprocket is economically ideal.


Please click here for more details about our RS sprockets in stock or which can be customized.


Material for the segmental sprocket


This tooth rim is made from heat-treated SS400 


Material for Segemental Sprockets

1045 S45C
4118 SCM415
4320 SNCM420
8620 SNCM220
4140 SCM440
4340 SNCM439


How are the segmental sprockets manufactured?
Shey Lee has our own manufacturing capability including, CNC milling, turning, VTL Vertical Turning Lathes, Gear hobbing, tapping, lapping, polishing, and welding. In addition, we also house our own material preparation center including flame cutting for thick steel plate processing. There are also thousands of square meters of factory area and an Automatic Inventory system allowing us to make your sprockets fast and ship them on-time! 

There are large CNC milling and turning machines in the workshop to prepare the sprockets and gears for secondary processing. They are machined to the required precision. Most sprockets begin their journey of processing from a steel plate or bar. The blanks are pressed and then prepared for further processing depending on the specifications. Some sprockets or gears may have more complex part geometries and we have a wide range of turning machines in our machining shop. 

The gears and sprockets then undergo gear cutting using our in-house gear hobbing machines for accurate and precise production of parts we make. In our machine shop, there are also well-equipped milling centers to process your sprockets and gears to your exact specifications. We can make small, medium, or large custom sprockets.

CNC hobbing video

Heat treatment for the segmental sprocket

Once the sprockets are machined they are ready for hardening of the teeth. This is done by Induction Heating. Once the sprockets or gears are fully manufactured and quality inspected, we carefully pack and store them in our warehouse facility. We utilize an Automated Inventory AS/RS System. To learn more about this amazing system that can process 1.2 tons of sprockets every 3 minutes, click here.

Quality Inspection For The Segmental Sprocket

At Shey Lee, we follow international standards to create the best sprocket and gear kits for your advanced equipment and machines. All parts that are packed and ready for shipment undergo strict quality checks to ensure your parts perform at the highest standards. At Shey Lee, we check your parts every step of the way during processing. 


At the end of the process, we do a final quality check with advanced measuring tools to make sure our parts have been machined and produced to the correct specifications from the drawings. Then we pack everything in quality sealed packaging for the safe transport of your investment.

How to package and ship?-we custom make the hoisting points for the sprocket so it can be lifted safely, and also with special safety devices in case the sprocket tips over it is not damaged. And custom made wooden pallets/cases.

machining segmental tooth rim