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Chain Sprockets

Chain Sprockets

Expanding the product range of sl-sprockets and enhancing expertise in driving and transmission technology is our company’s primary goal.
Our modernized factories and equipment warehouses offer various components, including axles, chain gears for cranes, integrated and multipart chain gears, as well as transmission parts for driving and return systems.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing components with diameters ranging from 50 millimeters to 2000 millimeters and lengths from 50 millimeters to 3500 millimeters.

To improve the wear resistance of chain gears, we apply partial surface heat treatment hardening during the manufacturing phase, as chain bags come into contact with each chain link multiple times.

Generally, the more teeth or grooves there are, the quieter the chain operates, with lower wear rates and less imbalance, known as the polygon effect.

We employ the latest finite element technology to simulate the low-friction operation behavior between round steel chains and load-optimized pocket wheels.

Bagged wheels, made of high-alloy stainless steel and implementing tooth profile surface hardening, are used in bulk material conveyors and lifting equipment.

We utilize the latest 3D CAD/CAM manufacturing processes to customize any chain gear or system component according to customer requirements.

In addition to industrial chain gears, we also manufacture special chain gears for almost all applications utilizing such driving systems.

Our chain gears can be machined from solid blanks or produced as welded components.

The design and manufacturing process primarily depend on the number of teeth, wheel diameter, and key/keyway drilling specified by individual customers.

sl-sprockets can provide driving chain wheels and transmission mechanisms of any required size for various lifting and conveying systems.

If customization is required, please provide the following information:

  • specific application
  • chain size
  • chain specification
  • number of pockets
  • pitch diameter · hub diameter

hub depth · method of fixing the pocket wheel to the shaft, e.g. keyway and key