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Company Overview
About Shey lee SPROCKETS

Shey Lee is a manufacturer of medium and large sprockets and gears. We have over 45 years of experience since the establishment of the factory in 1976. To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we have installed an AS/RS automatic storage system. It can retrieve and stock blanks and stock sprockets and gears fast. We continue to upgrade technology and invest in advanced production equipment to improve quality and reduce costs.

Shey Lee strives to pursue growth while upholding the principles of good faith and becoming the most trustworthy gear company. Our target is to offer the best quality of professional services with a rich experience in gear manufacturing, strict quality control, and first-class professional services to provide the best products. It is our mission to satisfy customers with quality.

Shey Lee works to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently by producing customized, tailor-made sprockets, and gears. We have a strong team of professional engineers combined with our expertise and technology. Our team is dedicated to research and developt the right innovative solution for you.

We aim to provide customers with higher value goods
and help solve their sprocket needs.

Shey Lee Logo Design Origin

Design of the Logo: The gear shape is the main axis of the trademark, and the oval shape is used to symbolize the cooperative corporate management spirit. Internally, we insist on unity, inherit the spirit of the previous generation of our founder to deal with external affairs amicably. In addition to being the strongest backing of customers, we also treat people and affairs peacefully and harmoniously.
Logo Colors: Green is the most versatile color, and can go well with other colors. It also represents the sustainable operation of the company and the steady and healthy growth. It also symbolizes the spirit and philosophy of cooperation and tolerance.

USD$ 3,800,000
Number of Employees
40~50 People
USD$ 4.5M
Factory Space

Official Company Name Sheylee Co., Ltd.
Address No. 1, Alley 76, Lane 157, Guangming Road,
Wuri District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Representative Managing Director Wen Lai-wang
Founded March 13, 1976
Business Item Manufacturing and sales of sprockets, material trading, etc.
Affiliates Tongxin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Representative:
Wen Shao-hui, Managing Director)
Established an Automatic Inventory System (AS/RS)

Continuously upgrading advanced technology to improve the manufacturing process and actively investing in the latest production equipment to pursue growth, uphold the principle of good faith, and become the most trustworthy sprocket solution provider.

The best quality of professional services

Rich experience in gear manufacturing, strict quality control, and first-class professional services, providing the best quality to satisfy customers is our mission.

Automatic inventory system

Professional production of sprockets and gears commonly used in the industry quickly and efficiently to meet customer needs.

Customized sprocket solutions

A strong team, professional research, and development technology, dedicated to the development of tailor-made, innovative, and high-quality products that meet customer needs

Company History
Our Achievement Over The Years
Since our establishment in 1976, we have accumulated 40+ years of experience.
We provide one-stop service from R&D and design, manufacturing, inventory control and global sales.
The company was established.
CNC machine tools were introduced to increase productivity
ERP (office system) was introduced.
SHEYLEE® trademark registration
Provided design for the aviation industry, maintained helicopter manufacturing, obtained patent
Introduced ERP to realize computerized manufacturing process
・ Working Together-Complete Office
・ Purchased CNC gas cutting machine
・ Internally developed and manufactured twin screw drilling machines
・ Exported sprockets to Japan as an OEM
・ Launched CAD/CAM software
Purchased gear hobbing machines from Japan
Purchased CNC machining center
Purchased a CNC turning center from Japan
Purchase CNC large gate type machining center
and CNC machining center
Broaching/grooving machine introduced
Complete AS/RS automatic warehouse system
ISO 9001:2015 Certification